New Lipreading Class in Tring

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You know what it’s like, as we get older, we start holding the paper further away and squinting at it, time to get a sight test! Well the same sort of thing also happens with hearing, we find ourselves turning up the TV volume, and saying pardon a lot, and complain that people, especially young people, don’t speak clearly any more. It’s time for a hearing test.

Hearing loss can affect anyone of any age. Hearing aids have improved enormously, they use all the advances in modern technology, and are very discreet, but even the best aids don’t cure hearing loss. It is still a problem to hear in noisy social or work environments, but all is not lost!

Research has shown that joining a lipreading and managing hearing loss class helps to avoid the damaging social isolation that can accompany hearing loss. Lipreading classes teach you to let your eyes help your ears fill in the things you miss. They are small friendly classes, and as well as improving lipreading skills they cover how hearing works and the things that can go wrong, equipment and organisations that can help, strategies to cope in various situations, and much more.

Molly Berry is profoundly deaf; she started losing her hearing in her thirties, and 10 years ago was given a Cochlear Implant. It was very successful, and so she decided to retrain as a lipreading tutor to pass on the skills she relied on. Molly teaches in Bucks, Beds and Herts, and there is a new class starting in September in Tring.

There will be a FREE taster session on Wednesday 11 September at 1.30pm at the Nora Grace Hall in Tring. For more information and to book your place call or text 07741 095921 or email For lipreading classes nationwide, go to