New Planning Application by London Luton Airport

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As many of you will recall, as you sent in your objections to Luton Borough Council at the time, this is the THIRD similar planning application made by LLA in the last couple of years – the previous 2 having been withdrawn.

This application seeks to vary Condition 8 – passenger numbers; Condition 10 – noise control; Condition 22 – car parking; Condition 24 – travel plans and Condition 28 – application plans and documents under which LLA was granted planning consent (ref. 15/00950/VARCON on 17 October 2017).

If granted, the key impacts on the Chilterns will be from the increase in passenger numbers per annum from 18m to 19m and consequent increase in road traffic and from the amendments to day and night time noise contours. LLA previously submitted applications to vary Condition 10 of the 2017 consent, as its operations are in breach of this Condition.

The only mitigation which the application offers for an increase of this magnitude is that passenger capacity per aircraft will increase and that larger aircraft will be used. How these measures afford mitigation is beyond credibility. Larger aircraft = more noise and the Chiltern Countryside Group find it difficult to believe this will be accompanied by a reduction in number of movements.

The application also states that aircraft movements per peak will not change, so clearly this means larger aircraft operating at peak times generating more noise and air pollution plus an increase in movements in off-peak times, most likely, the Group would suggest, in the shoulder periods of morning/evening and at night time. None of this is good news.

Chiltern Countryside Group request that you find a few moments to register your objections to this application. It is important to do so and your voice will make a difference.

Go to Luton Borough Council Planning, then enter the ref 21/00031VARCON to make your response. DEADLINE 18 FEBRUARY 2021.

Sir Mike Penning MP is also calling on residents to make their views known. You can read his his concerns and the airport’s response here.