Open Door’s Joan Fisher Wins Berkhamsted Rotary Centenary Civic Award

Living Magazines Joan Fisher of Open Door with Rotary Civic Award

Open Door in Berkhamsted couldn’t be prouder of Joan Fisher, co-founder and general manager, who’s the worthy winner of the Berkhamsted Rotary Centenary Civic Award for 2021. Joan was recognised for her ‘outstanding contributions which have benefited many people in our town’ through her work for Open Door and The Way Inn.

Joan sees this as an award for EVERYONE involved with the charities. She says: ‘There are so many people I want to thank for all their donations and gifts, enabling us to deliver over 3,500 meals and to provide a safe, beautiful space for people to visit.’ In particular, she’s very grateful to Christine Cusack-Delaney of Berko food for friends. ‘for being a willing partner in setting up the food project.’

Thank you Berkhamsted Rotary for this recognition! You can read more about the award and everyone who made it possible on the Open Door website.