PCC Comments on M25 Protests

Living Magazines Police and Crime Commissioner Mr David Lloyd

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire has issued a statement regarding the protests on the M25 and other motorways last week.

David Lloyd said: ‘The police have a difficult job to do and I support officers taking a firm hand in dealing with these protesters. I believe those obstructing a major highway should always be removed as quickly as possible.

”Swift action at today’s attempted blockade meant it was resolved within 20 minutes with 11 people arrested. This is the type of reaction the vast majority of people expect the police to take in these circumstances.

‘My job is to stand up for the public and hold the Constabulary to account for their actions. Whilst, I am not happy that the public have been inconvenienced to such a great extent by these protesters, I am not convinced that the police were able to do much more under the current circumstances.

‘Many people and organisations, including the Constabulary and my office, are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. But Insulate Britain are hitting the wrong target, and turning the public against them. They are of course free to protest, but not in such a way where it disrupts the lives of thousands of other people who are trying to get on with their daily lives.

‘It is unforgiveable that their actions have meant people have missed family funerals and cancer patients haven’t been treated. They are putting lives at risk and that cannot be tolerated.

‘I will be doing my utmost to ensure that the Constabulary deal with highly disruptive protesters in a robust manner. I repeat my support  for the measures in the government’s Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which will give the police additional powers to deal with issues such as this.’