Pollinator Highway Gets St Albans Buzzing Again

Living Magazines Pollinator Highway - credit Amanda Yorwerth

Working in collaboration with Wilderhood Watch & Friends of the Earth, St Albans BID have installed Pollinator Barrels in the moat of the historic Clock Tower. The aim of these is to make the city centre a far more friendly place for pollinators.

Different species such as bees and hover flies collect nectar and pollen from a variety of flowers, and they require a constant supply of these throughout the year.

By creating a ‘highway’ of plants from which they can forage, we can ensure that they never go hungry. Introducing these plants creates the ultimate pollinator highway, street by street.

Amanda Yorwerth from St Albans Friends of the Earth commented, ‘The importance of plants in our public spaces cannot be overstated – they make us feel happier, reduce stress and help pollinating insects – so it’s great that the BID have invested in this project. Whilst installing the new Clock Tower Moat Flowering Barrels we received lots of positive feedback from passers-by who were enjoying the new space opened up by the road closures in this area. We hope that everyone will respect the plants so that we can all can enjoy them.’

St Albans BID will be responsible for watering the flowers, along with other community groups including Wilderhood Watch. More barrels are soon to be added to St Peters Street with the plan to place more around the city centre over summer.

If you are part of a local community group who would like to ‘Adopt a Pot’ please contact info@stalbansbid.com.

For more information on the scheme head to https://wilderhoodwatch.org/st-albans-city-centre-project/.