‘Pop-up’ Police Career Talks

Living Magazines Police Career Talks Sgt Dan Phillips

Schools, colleges and youth groups are being invited to host a ‘pop-up’ police career talk ahead of exam and exam results season.

Hertfordshire Sergeant Dan Phillips, who has 30 years’ police service under his belt, recently ran a test event online for the University of Hertfordshire with great results.

He explained: ‘We tried the ‘pop up’ police careers event with students using Microsoft Teams where I and another officer spoke about our police careers and the recruitment process. It was so well received we think other students would appreciate it.

‘We popped up on a laptop in their classroom, took questions from the students about all aspects of policing and the application process and had a good conversation with them for an hour or so.

‘It was well received by the students and the lecturers, and they gave us some very positive feedback about it.’

Dan, who has worked in response policing, neighbourhood policing and has been an armed police officer for the past 25 years, said: ‘They found it really valuable to hear that there are many roles and specialisms within the police and we’d like to offer the chance to learn more about us and our work to schools, colleges and universities as we look to recruit people of all ages to become police officers and detectives with Hertfordshire.’

Request a ‘pop up police careers’ session in your organisation by emailing recruitmentherts@herts.police.uk.