Protective Card Minders are Coming to Tring

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Tring Neighbourhood Watch recently received a generous grant from Tring Town Council enabling the ‘OWL Card Minder’ project launch. The OWL card minder is a low cost solution to reduce the risk of unauthorised payments being taken from your contactless credit or debit card whilst you are out and about. For just £1 you can keep your card safe inside this protective sleeve to prevent it from being scanned and used by thieves. It protects bank cards, ID cards and oyster cards to name a few.

The Card Minder sleeve has been tested against commercial contactless payment terminals as well as mobile phones running apps that scan contactless cards. We can currently take orders directly for ten or more, and are working on securing high street outlets. So please keep your eyes peeled for more information and if you are an outlet interested in helping us distribute, please get in contact!

All profits raised from the card minders will support local community projects. We have some great ideas but it is also important our members and the wider community propose theirs too, so please send your ideas to help deter crime or the fear of it to

Volunteers needed

Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary organisation in the UK, and here in Tring we have more than 1,520 households who are members of NHW – that’s nearly 28% of residents. That is an amazing figure, and thank you to all of you for your interest in NHW. We’d like to invite you to join the small team of volunteers who have helped to make this happen and secure the future of Tring NHW.

We could use your skills and your time to encourage your neighbours to join NHW and help on the committee, because crime is lower in NHW areas. If you could help in any way, even if it’s just an hour or so a month, we’d love to hear from you, so please email us at for more information.

OWL (Online Watch Link)

We are part of your community that works together with you, the police and other organisations to fight crime and the fear of crime. Become a member of Neighbourhood Watch today by signing up at Your local safer neighbourhood team will then send out email alerts via the OWL system about crime & local issues happening right now in your area. It helps prevent burglary, finds missing people, makes people feel safer, and even catches suspects.

As a NHW member we ask you to look out for your neighbours, get to know what’s normal activity in your road and report anything you see out of place to the police (call 101 non emergency or report online). Don’t forget to sign up your elderly and vulnerable neighbours that do not have email, so you can pass the information on.

Help to make Tring and surrounding areas positive places to work and live.