Rectory Lane Exceeds Fundraising Target

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Thanks to Rectory Lane Cemetery Project for providing this update.

We did a great many things in 2019, culminating in the Big Give Christmas Challenge, raising money to install our lovely Read In Peace seat. We are grateful to everybody who supported the challenge, by pledging money to make it possible, visiting our High St HQ, and by donating. We are delighted to confirm that we exceeded our target – raising an overall total, including Gift Aid, of 14,000! The groundwork started almost immediately, as you can see!

One unexpected donation was a children’s Doll’s House made by Dave Allen whose grandfather Horace Allen is buried in the Cemetery, an unrecognized war hero. Dave has been working with the Rectory Lane team to raise awareness since 2016 and he was keen to help. Displayed in the shop window, the house proved a draw for many younger residents to bring their parents in for a look round. The Dolls’ House was raffled to raise extra funds and the lucky winner whose name was drawn out was Dave Joyner, our own beekeeper!

Our landscaping team have continued to work through the recent miserably cold, wet weather – laying the foundations for the paths, installing the war memorial in the Garden of Remembrance and preparing both Rectory Lane and Three Close Lane entrances for their new improved surfaces. It’s been a challenge working with heavy machinery and hard ground in these weather conditions and that is why the cemetery has remained closed to public access.

Will you be part of our plans for 2020?

A celebration of VE Day, a ground-breaking theatrical performance, BerkoFest Book Festival 2, Heritage Open Days, tours, grave adoption, research … there will be many exciting things to join in. Do check out our latest presentation of what it’s like to help with the project.

Every hour of time that is given to the Project is not only contributing to its work, but also to the coffers – volunteering has a monetary value for the Project and goes towards our obligation to raise further funds.