Residents Urged to Check Online Security

Police help local community

An international operation involving the National Crime Agency has taken down one of the biggest online marketplaces selling stolen credentials to criminals worldwide.

As a result, the Neighbourhood Watch team are informing residents how to check if they have been affected.

You can check whether your data has been compromised and accessed by criminals on Genesis Market by visiting Check your hack | and inputting your email address. This is a Dutch Police website – forces in Europe and across the world have worked together to bring down this criminal enterprise.

If your email address was on the list on the online market place, you will receive a notification by e-mail at that email address. Check both your inbox and your spambox for an email from the police. If you do not receive an email from the police, your email address was not on Genesis Market, and you need do nothing further.

If you do receive an email back as a result of checking on the above link, then you are encouraged to report it to Action Fraud, via its online portal at Action Fraud.

More information about the operation, which saw 24 people arrested in the UK, can be read here: Notorious criminal marketplace selling victim identities taken down in international operation – National Crime Agency.

For suggestions on how to better protect yourself against online crime please internet search for Hertfordshire Police Cyber or visit Cyber crime | Hertfordshire Constabulary (