Revitalising the River Gade, Gadebridge Park

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Dacorum Borough Council would like your thoughts on proposals to improve the River Gade in Gadebridge Park. They’re working with the Environment Agency and Affinity Water on plans to improve the river for wildlife, protect water resources, as well as making it easier for local residents and visitors to get closer to the river and enjoy nature.

Please view the Gadebridge Park river restoration – indicative landscape plan (PDF 3MB).

The objectives include:

  • improving the river and adjacent parkland for wildlife
  • making it easier for residents and visitors to access the river and enjoy nature
  • protecting water resources from the effects of drought and climate change
  • reconnecting the river to its floodplain to reduce the impact of flooding

Improvements being considered include:

  • altering the course of the Gade to increase water flow and help brown trout, plants and insects flourish
  • reconnecting the Gade with its floodplain, to allow water to disperse more quickly after heavy rain
  • new footpaths along the river and crossing points to make access easier
  • environmental improvements, such as creating new wetland habitats

Find out more and have your say.

The deadline for making comments is Sunday 30 September.