Reward Club Partners Added to Tring Business’ School Fundraising Innovation

Living Magazines David Evans Fundstar launch

Tring-based FundStar, which offers schools a strategic and co-ordinated approach to their fundraising activity, has launched a new rewards club enabling parents and other users to personally benefit from using their FundStar prepaid debit card.

‘Star Rewards’ gives customers the opportunity to earn cashback when they make a purchase with their FundStar card at outlets including Argos, Clarks, New Look, Halfords, Café Rouge, Foot Locker, H Samuel, Belgo Bar & Restaurant, Bella Italia, Boardman, Carpetright, Cycle Republic, e-Careers, Goldsmiths, Inspire Travel, Laithwaite’s Wine, Storey Carpets and YO! Sushi. As well as this, FundStar card users can now enjoy discounted gift vouchers and gift cards from Argos, FatFace, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Waitrose, 365Tickets and 3Retro.

David Evans MBE, Founder of FundStar – which David describes as ‘a modern version of the collecting tin at the side of the till, but with over 450,000 locations nationwide’ – said: ‘It’s so simple. Cardholders shop in store and online as normal using their FundStar card. Every time they use it to buy something, a micro donation (20p to £1 per transaction) is given to the school, and the project, of their choice. In turn, they get cashback rewards or discounted gift vouchers/gift cards from participating stores. Though individual cardholders’ donations may be small, with many people on board these payments soon add up. FundStar makes supporting our children’s education through philanthropy an easy, day-to-day habit.’

Since launching in June 2019, FundStar has been adopted by a number of schools up and down the country. These schools receive a complete support system from the FundStar team including a kit of materials to help them encourage donor participation, practical sessions involving pupils, parents, PTA groups and school staff, and professional fundraising advice. Each school gets a login to their FundStar account so they can see how much has been raised and how close they are to reaching their target.

Living Magazines Dawn AdamOne of these schools is Tring Park School, an independent co-educational school specialising in the performing arts. ‘Our objectives are simple: to make all parents feel they can contribute no matter what size their donation, that we value every donation and that the donations can have a direct positive impact on their children,’ explained Dawn Adam, the School’s Director of Development and External Relations. ‘There are parents, alumni and friends who cannot make the larger gestures, however they still want to help in some small way. We are using FundStar, which enables people from all walks of life to contribute to smaller projects, such as new outdoor gym equipment which can be used at evenings and weekends as well in school time. Some parents have gone a step further; they have taken out the card and in addition, made a larger one-off donation to kick-off the project.’

As well as schools, FundStar has the potential to help charities, faith groups, sports clubs and trade unions raise money in an easy, effective and smart way. The FundStar card is part of the Mastercard network, supported by a top team of industry experts. For more information go to: or email