RSPCA Urges Readers to Lobby their MP on Animal Sentience Bill

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As a nation of animal lovers the RSPCA is calling on our readers to speak up for animals to make sure that animal sentience becomes enshrined in UK law.

Animal sentience was the only issue which was not carried over after Brexit and so the RSPCA has been campaigning to ensure the needs of sentient animals are taken into account by Governments when making policy decisions.

We are now at a critical stage in the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill finally becoming law as it gets its second reading in the House of Commons today (Tuesday, 18 January).

The RSPCA is urging our readers to support the Bill by tweeting their local MP to encourage them to attend the debate in the Commons today as well as lobbying their MP by email to ensure they continue to support this Bill as it makes its way through Parliament.

We know that many animals are sentient with the ability to feel pain and suffering, and emotions such as pleasure, joy and fear and so in order to protect these animals, their sentience must be considered in law. A wide and growing body of research reveals that many animals, from our much-loved pets like dogs and cats, to chickens and lobsters, rats and fish, are all sentient beings.

There is already overwhelming support with 86% of people in favour of a law on animal sentience and so the RSPCA wants to ensure that MPs are listening to their constituents and the groundswell of support for this important Bill. Now is the time to speak up for animals and lobby your MP to do the same.

The Government promised this law in its manifesto, it is what the public wants, and it must not be a missed opportunity for animals.

For more details and help on how to contact your MP, please visit the RSPCA’s webpage.