Safety Tips for University Students

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It’s that time of year when many young people are preparing to go to university, and to begin living away from home for the first time. Although the risk of suffering from violence or aggression is thankfully very low, by taking some simple, basic precautions, new students can easily reduce the risks and take control of their own safety.

Download this handy “Top Tips” sheet produced by The Suzy Lamplugh Trust for student safety, which you may wish to share with friends or relatives who might find this helpful. For more information, visit their website at

Get Safe Online are also running a ‘Freshers Week’ campaign focusing on providing university students with some handy tips on how they can keep themselves safe online, in amongst all the fun (and learning!) they’ll likely be having. Topics cover everything from safe banking, finding accommodation through to safe and appropriate use of social media, so a varied mix of topics covered. For more information, visit