Save Our Bookshop in Tring

Our Bookshop - Ben and Alison

Our Bookshop in Tring is busily raising funds to save its future.

Our Bookshop has been open in the town for just four and a half years and has become the focus for events such as the Tring Book Festival and a schedule of author visits.

With the lease for the ground floor retail space coming to an end in 18 months, the shop may have to close, unless it can buy the property. While the owners can borrow a large percentage, they are looking to raise the remaining 30% – which is £64,000.

Our Bookshop’s Ben Moorhouse is appealing to supporters of the shop and the local community to assist in raising as much of this as possible to ensure the shop’s survival.

They have put together a series of rewards to encourage local people to support. These include a visit by ‘Audrey’, the vintage mobile cinema, a special limited-edition £100 gift coin, a Tringe Festival Passport and a Tring Book Festival Passport.

Find out more at The fundraiser ends on 26 May.