School Move Controversy Continues

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We previously reported on the proposal to move Egerton Rothesay School from one side of the valley to the other – plans which will affect us all.

Currently, Egerton Rothesay (ERS) – a private specialist school – is near the top of Durrants Lane, just a few minutes’ drive from the A41.

Proposals by Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) to move the school to a greenbelt site at the top of Bridle Way, adjacent to Bridgewater School, have been met with deep concern.

‘If ERS moves to this new site, the numbers of cars and buses travelling through town will increase dramatically,’ says Alex Haeri, one of the founders of the campaign Save Bridle Way Greenbelt. ‘It will also affect children walking across town to school.’

But that’s only one issue. ‘Pollution levels in Berkhamsted are already high,’ says Alex. ‘Although a few monitors have been placed around the town, they’re only measuring levels of Nitric Oxide in the air (NO2) and not Particulate Matter (PM), which is easily inhaled and can cause all kinds of health problems from lung disease to cancer.’

As we go to press, Egerton Rothesay haven’t submitted a planning application, but it’s expected any time soon.

‘It’s baffling why HCC are pushing for this move,’ says Alex. ‘The current school has excellent facilities already and is surrounded by lovely grounds. It seems that there is really no need for the school to relocate.

‘Everyone is still working hard to protect this greenbelt site for future generations, as well as protecting the rest of the town from what will be a huge increase in traffic.

‘We’re determined not to let this idea, being driven by Herts County Council, become anything more than a proposal.’

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