School Tree Nursery Seeks Suitable Sites

Living Magazines Tree Nursery at Greenway

Greenway Primary & Nursery School is looking for other schools or community areas to plant trees that have been grown on its Crossways, Berkhamsted site.

The school was given 50 native British tree saplings two years ago, as part of the School Tree Nursery initiative set up by the Earth Restoration Service, which aims to plant another 50,000 trees and enough flowers to attract 20 million insects across 1,000 sites in the UK by 2030.

The school was given 10 each of Hawthorn, Crabapple, Oak, Dogwood and Hazel trees, and the children helped plant these in a nursery bed in the school grounds during Easter 2021. The trees have done incredibly well, despite two very dry summers, and about 90% have survived.

Now, they need to find sites in our local community that could benefit, so are actively seeking requests from other schools or organisations that have the space and ability to plant one or more trees during this autumn (October/early November).

If you are interested, contact