Sewage Dumping in Hertfordshire

Victoria Collins by local river

New figures analysing sewage dumped in Council areas have revealed that sewage was dumped into waterways in the County of Hertfordshire for 11,328 hours in 2023.

The analysis is based on official data from the Environment Agency, compiled by the House of Commons Library for the Liberal Democrats. It shows sewage was dumped into local rivers/canals and streams on 1,820 separate occasions in 2023.

This is a shocking 52% rise in the duration of sewage spills compared to the previous year, showing how the sewage scandal has worsened under the Conservative government’s watch.

Sewage was dumped into England’s rivers over 460,000 times for a total of over 3.6 million hours in 2023.

It comes after the Liberal Democrats local election success where the party campaigned relentlessly on sewage and the local environment. The party gained over 100 seats and control of two councils, beating the Conservatives and coming second for the first time since 1996.

The Liberal Democrats have led the way in campaigning against sewage dumping for years. The party is calling for strict measures including replacing Ofwat with a tougher regulator, a ban on bonuses for water company bosses whose firms have dumped sewage into waterways and the declaration of a national environmental emergency.

Last year, the Liberal Democrat-run Stockport Council became the first Council in the country to launch an official sewage inquiry. The inquiry asked for evidence from the local water companies and was chaired by Liberal Democrat councillor Lisa Smart.

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Harpenden & Berkhamsted, Victoria Collins said: ‘It is disgusting that filthy sewage was pumped into our waterways so many times last year.

‘On doorstep after doorstep, people in Harpenden, Berkhamsted, Tring and the surrounding villages tell me how furious they are that filthy sewage is being pumped into their rivers and waterways – they want to send this Conservative government a message.

‘The Liberal Democrats have led the way for years in campaigning for tougher action. We want to see a tougher water regulator, an end to bonuses for polluting water company bosses and stronger protections for our local environment.

‘Come the General Election, Liberal Democrats will be campaigning hard against this national scandal that has been allowed to take hold while the Conservative Government has sat on its hands and looked the other way.’

Berkhamsted Living Magazine is delighted to share this article as it relates to the interests of the local town. However, it should not be construed as being representative of our views, which are not party political.