Sisters Making Menstrual Cups Trendy

Living Magazines Menstrual cups by pic&sis_cosy_Marianne-Taylor-Photography

Two sisters from Watford are making menstrual cups trendy! Having switched to cups after realising their multiple benefits, not only for the planet and their bodies but also their bank balances, Ruth and Sally founded pic&sis – a new brand that aims to challenge perceptions around this product.

Through eye-catching branding, humour, a straight-talking approach and colourful packaging, the sisters want to grab the attention of the normal shopper, alleviate any fears they may have about using menstrual cups and ultimately make this game-changing product mainstream.

The long list of menstrual cup benefits includes:

  • Cost-effectiveness: buy a menstrual cup and you won’t need to buy another period product for ten years
  • Convenience: holds three times more than a regular tampon and is wearable for up to 12 hours at a time
  • Sustainability: plastic-free and can be re-used every period, massively reducing single-use waste
  • Better for your body: made from 100% medical grade silicone, menstrual cups contain no toxins and are non-absorbent, therefore maintaining your body’s natural balance
  • Ease of use: simply sterilise in a pan of boiling water before first use and after each period cycle. Fold, insert, wear for up to 12 hours then remove, empty, rinse and repeat
  • Comfort: so comfortable that you forget you are even on your period

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