Six Steps To Business Happiness

Living Magazines Six-Steps-to-Business-Happiness

On Friday 6 September, Jonathan Lane and Pippa Hutchinson of SR Consulting are holding a ‘Six Steps To Business Happiness’ seminar.

The event is being held at the Gateway in Aylesbury. It is free to attend with free parking and registration begins at 8.45am with refreshments. The event will finish by 10.30am.

Over the course of the seminar, Jonathan and Pippa will walk through the key areas they believe a business owner or manager needs to consider in running a business. They will aim to provide an antidote to ‘busy fool syndrome’ and highlight how to feel more in control of a business to do list.

The six steps covered will include:

  1. How to ensure you have the right customers to drive profitable growth
  2. Sense check how relevant your products and services are for your target customers
  3. Cover how having the right set of plans will make your business more resilient
  4. Ensure that you’re getting it right for the people who work for you and with you
  5. Highlight the ways in which you can review whether your financial performance is robust enough to be sustainable
  6. Help you to consider how you get the direction of the business right for the future

Here is the link if you would like to attend.