Skateboard roars into action

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Living has teamed up with to give away the Tony Hawk 180 Series Complete Skateboard – Hawk Roar 7.75’’ to our lucky competition winner. Hopefully the skateboard will arrive just in time to go under the Christmas tree for one lucky boy or girl.

Because all of us here at Living are a bit long in the tooth to try out skateboards without risking life and limb, we asked 14-year-old skatepark regular Arron to review this skateboard for us. This is what he had to say:

‘This is an amazing beginner skateboard. It is perfect for just getting the feeling for skateboarding and learning how to push and ride on the board.

‘It has an awesome graphic on the bottom that really makes it stand out. You can tell that the board is aimed at beginners because the wheels are softer, which means that the smoother the riding surface the faster you will go – however it will take you longer to get up to a fast speed. This is a good thing for beginners as you can get confident without feeling the board is running away with you.

‘If you use the board for riding and doing ollies and other beginner tricks it should last for at least six months (and then you may want to upgrade as your skills improve) but if you are going to use this to do tricks such as kickflips and ride a skatepark several times a week, it may not last as long.

‘All in all, it’s a great skateboard for a beginner, at a very reasonable price.’

To win your own Tony Hawk 180 Series Complete Skateboard – Hawk Roar 7.75’, simply complete your entry on our competition page by 12 noon on 30 November 2020.