Sourdough September

Living Magazines Sourdough

So what is it all about? Sourdough September is promoted by The Real Bread campaign which is part of the food and farming charity Sustain. So if you haven’t tried any before, this month might be a perfect time to start!

Thanks so much to Toby at Beechwood Fine Foods in Tring for writing this #SourdoughSeptember article for us to share with you!

Genuine sourdough starts with just three basic ingredients flour, water and salt and it contains the same friendly cultures as homemade yoghurt. These cultures work chemically on the whole grains during the fermentation process to make the most of flavours and nutrients and make it much easier for the body to digest. Sourdough has more nutrients and vitamins than other breads, promotes gut and metabolic health and keeps you fuller for longer.

Sourdoughs can take many forms and flavours but what lies at the heart of it is the process and it’s this longer preparation time which results in these principle health benefits:

  • pre-digesting starches, making the bread more easily digestible
  • lowering insulin response/improving glucose tolerance
  • protecting Vitamin B1 from the damage of the heat of baking
  • breaking down gluten, which may result in a bread that gluten-sensitive people can eat
  • activating enzymes thus freeing up natural minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium, copper and phosphorus

Living Magazines Sourdough And it’s so tasty too, my favourite is a Potato and Rosemary loaf, its moist, flavoursome and goes with so many different meals; so maybe now is the time to try some!

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