Specials Join Forces with Fire Service for Collision Training Event

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Hertfordshire’s Special Constabulary recently teamed up with the county’s fire and rescue service for a training event to help them deal with road traffic collisions.

Taking place at Royston fire station, the event was organised by Special Sergeant Robert Sprigens and attended by nearly 30 Specials.

Special Constables are voluntary police officers who give up their time to keep the public safe. There are many reasons they choose to do the role – from wanting to make a difference to vulnerable people’s lives to boosting their CV and taking on a new challenge. Coming from all walks of life, they have full policing powers, including the ability to arrest.

The training event featured a bespoke agenda to suit the needs of the Specials and what they wanted to learn. Of particular interest was the guidance around electric vehicles. They were also given a tour of a fire engine and an in-depth demonstration of the tools and equipment carried onboard which can cut vehicles open when casualties are trapped.

Special Superintendent Mike Allardyce said: ‘Our Special Constables go through a vigorous thirteen weeks of training when they join but events like these are really important as the challenges in policing are always changing, as was demonstrated in the input on electric vehicles.

‘Specials may well be the first on scene to incidents and the event featured practical scenarios and Q&As which were especially useful. Our officers regularly work closely with the fire and rescue service and so this training event gave both blue light partners the opportunity to understand the unique challenges each face.

‘I would like to say well done to S/Sgt Sprigens for identifying the need for this new training and to Crew Commander Perry Johnson from Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) for his work in making the event possible. This was a fantastic training and development opportunity and I am very grateful to HFRS for their hospitality and for helping our officers in such an effective way.’

Andy Hall, Head of Operational Response at Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: ‘We welcome any opportunity for joint training sessions like this.

‘As a result of this event, the operational fire crews from Royston also gained a good understanding of the valuable work carried out by the Special Constables. There is an open invitation to run similar sessions across the county.’

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