Spotted a suspicious text message?

Living Magazines suspicious text message

Ever received a text message that you weren’t quite sure about? Maybe it said there was a problem with a payment or your monthly bill, or asked you to ‘verify’ your personal or financial details?

You can report suspicious text messages by forwarding them to Action Fraud on 7726. This will enable your provider to investigate the origin of the text and take action.

The following is an example response that will then be sent to you.

‘Thanks for reporting an unwanted message for our team to investigate. Can you please reply with the number or name it originated from?’

Once you respond with the originating number you will receive the following:

‘Thank you for forwarding the originating details to us. We are doing all we can to reduce this nuisance to our customers.’

Note: on many phones, you can forward a message by pressing and holding your finger on the message, and then a menu appears, from which you can choose to Forward.