Stay safe and stay back

Living Magazines Space Invader tailgating campaign

Stay safe and stay back is the message of a new safety campaign by Highways England as it reveals the extent – and impact – of tailgating on the country’s major roads and motorways.

New figures show that one in eight of all road casualties are caused by people who drive too close to the vehicle in front, with more than 100 people killed or seriously injured each year! While a small minority of tailgating is deliberate, most is unintentional by drivers who are simply unaware they are dangerously invading someone else’s space. In the East, figures from 2016 show that tailgating was a contributing factor resulting in 305 casualties.

The new safety campaign launched on Monday 17 September uses the well-known Space Invader video game character to alert drivers to the anti-social nature and risks of tailgating.

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