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Local MP Sir Mike Penning has called on police chiefs to back officers’ use of intelligence-led stop and search in a recent parliamentary debate.

Sir Mike said: ‘What worries me now is that, although the Home Secretary is saying the right things from the Dispatch Box and on the radio, if the police chiefs and the College of Policing do not make sure that this message filters down, there will continue to be fear among officers about doing intelligence-led stop and search. The best intelligence is the bobby who thinks he needs to do stop and search, and that is what we need to see more of.’

‘Nobody should ever be stopped because of their race or religion,’ he added.

‘The police chiefs must back the bobbies on the beat and give them the confidence to do a stop and search if they think they need to do one. My concern is that police officers tell me they fear for their careers and it totally puts them off using the powers at all.’