Successful weight loss journeys through Covid

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At one2one, their diet consultants pride themselves on giving one2one, personal support to their clients. So when lockdown hit they didn’t know how this was going to affect their clients or the business but  they found ways and put in place measures to carry on supporting their old and new clients in a safe way. They held weekly virtual check-ins and would drop products off at the door, so no contact was needed. This way their clients could carry on with their weight loss journeys without disruption and still follow the COVID-19 guidelines and keep everyone safe.

Claire Lennon is your local one2one diet consultant. Over 2 years ago she lost nearly 4st on this diet plan. She loved and believed in it so much that she now supports others in losing weight and feeling their best.

‘It’s been amazing to see my dieters staying focused through a very testing and emotional time especially when most of us turned to food and drink as a comfort or boredom!’ said Claire.

‘So even though there have been negatives throughout lockdown I have found many positives. My business got stronger and I watched my clients change and grow into more confident healthier people.

‘I have one client that has been told he can now come off some medication due to his incredible weight loss. Another client has lost 2.5st for her wedding. She went wedding dress shopping the other week and felt amazing! These are just a few one2one diet success stories of many and it’s these stories that make me love my job.

‘I feel blessed I could carry on running my business that supports people in reaching their weight loss goals and still be at home spending quality time with my toddler.’

If you would like to find out more, Claire offers a free consultation. You can also check out the one2one website for amazing testimonials and other information at

Tel Claire: 07854 394279
Instagram: claire_one2onetring