Suicide Prevention Charity’s Free Support Group for Men

Support Group for Men

Local suicide prevention and mental health support charity Hector’s House have set up HecTalk – a new peer-to-peer support group for local men (18+) to promote the importance of community and connection for our wellbeing.  

Berkhamsted-based Hector’s House was set up in memory of Hector Stringer – who was just 18 years old when he took his own life. His family have since dedicated their lives to help the Bucks and Herts community take their mental health seriously, and to work towards a world where no other family experiences the grief of being bereaved by suicide.  

What is HecTalk?

HecTalk is a group open to all men to come together and talk. A place free of judgement, and free of any pressure to ‘fix’. Simply turn up, listen up, and if you want to, open up. You’ll soon realise that you’re not alone in going through whatever stress and anxiety the world is currently throwing at you. It’s said a problem shared is a problem halved, and that’s really the aim. To have you leaving the group carrying less than when you came in. 

Why do we do HecTalk? 

Statistics from MIND show suicidal thoughts in 20.6 of 100 people, Self harm in 7.3 of 100 people, and Suicide attempts in 6.7 of 100 people. They also highlight that these statistics only use people living in private homes as a source, so the numbers are likely much higher.  

‘We are committed to doing everything in our power to work towards preventing suicide in our community,’ says Hector’s House Chairperson, and Hector’s dad Robert Stringer; ‘The stats show that men are at a greater risk to suicide, and with men generally being less comfortable making a space for themselves to talk about their feelings, we have created HecTalk.  

‘This is a group where any man can come along and talk about anything they would like. We can also offer additional support to any attendees that would benefit from more direct involvement or intervention. We feel a huge sense of pride in being able to lead by example when encouraging conversation. Not only are we championing the importance of conversation and connection – we’re facilitating it.’

If you’re feeling affected, please visit, reach out to Hector’s House at or follow on Facebook or Instagram.

Key details 

Where: The XC Centre, Jarman Way, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 4JS 

When: Every 1st, and 3rd Wednesday of the month 7.30-8.30pm

How: There is no need to register at the front desk or anything else, simply head directly to the back room of the ground floor. Straight through the reception area, and into the meeting room. Free parking is available on site at the Jarman Park Leisure Complex. 

The car park is free at all times and has no timing restrictions. The only parking spaces directly at The XC are the two disabled bays out front. There is also free parking at the large Tesco store, but this has a strict time limit.