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In response to the Parish Council’s declaration of a climate emergency, and the September open meeting in the Village Hall, the Sustainable Wigginton group is preparing an action plan which will contain various initiatives for Wigginton.

In the meantime they are providing you with some ideas that you may wish to consider, wherever you live!

Tree planting

If you were not able to join in with the Woodland Trust tree planting session on the 30 November there is still lots you could do:

  • Plant a tree in your garden
  • Host your own tree-planting event with neighbours or colleague
  • Become a member of the Woodland Trust
  • Support Sustainable Wigginton, and the Parish Council’s plan to plant more trees in and around the village
  • Get involved with tree planting opportunities organised by the Parish Council
  • Share #EveryTreeCounts on social media and encourage your followers to get involved.

Shared Allotment

Do you have an allotment that’s too big for you, or maybe you’ve always liked the idea of growing your own veg, but don’t have the space at home and don’t have the time to take on a large allotment plot? How about sharing part of a plot with others? This has the advantages of having a space you can manage, sharing and learning from others and growing delicious fruit and vegetables.


Have you changed your energy supplier to one that has green credentials? If you haven’t you might like to take a look at the Which? website for information about green energy companies. Even if you have already swapped, on the same website, you can check whether your supplier is as green as you think it is. You might get a surprise!

Refill stations

The following is a list of refill stations near us, stocking bathroom products and cleaning products. Take your empty plastic containers along and fill them up from a selection of eco-friendly refills.

Healthfare, Tring High Street, Dunsley Farm Shop, Mead Farm Shop, The Refill Project at Berkhamsted Market on Wednesdays 9am-2pm, Returned to Glory, Northbridge Road, Berkhamsted, Acorn Pharmacy, Berkhamsted High Street.

Wigginton Village Shop is researching the possibility of offering a refill station in the future.

Swap shop event in the Village Hall

On a Saturday in the New Year there will be a swap shop event in the Village Hall. This will be to swap clothes and accessories. It is hoped in future to have regular events swapping household items, tools etc. Another idea is to hold a repair shop for household items that can be repaired and re-used.

If, as a result of becoming aware of these ideas, you make changes in order to become a greener consumer, Sustainable Wigginton would love to hear about your experience.


David Wilde, Chair of the Parish Council and member Sustainable Wigginton Group:

Sharon O’Sullivan, Clerk to the Parish Council:

Les Smith, Sustainable Wigginton Group:

Sue Hexter, Sustainable Wigginton Group