Take a Round the World Trip in Aylesbury

Naomi MacKay adventured across the globe from her seat at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre with Around The World in 80 Days – on until Saturday 6 May.

The classic Jules Verne tale of Phileas Fogg, who makes a wager to travel around the world in just 80 days, gets a fresh treatment in this show from Tilted Wig Productions.

It’s a clever twist – instead of just focusing on the fictional adventurer, the story is juxtaposed with the real-life character of intrepid Victorian reporter Nellie Bly, who set out to replicate the journey and not only achieved it, but did it in just 72 days!

The story is a little slow to get started, as they set the scene for what lies ahead, but stick with it and you’ll be treated to circus tricks, comedy skits, dance and some incredibly creative prop usage (without saying too much, the elephant was a favourite with our party).

The show manages to combine entertainment with some interesting and educational facts about the different countries around the world – and will be a hit with both young and old. It’s not a kids’ show as such – more a family-friendly comedy drama – but the eight-year-old who came with us enjoyed it, especially the fire and lightning effects. Plus, there’s an educational resource pack available for schools.

I should point out that it’s not a short show – starting at 7.30pm, we left the theatre at 10pm, so if you’re taking children, be aware that they need to have a fairly long attention span. However, you certainly do not need to have children with you to enjoy it!

And do take the chance to get a programme, which along with production details, features some interesting information about Jules Verne and Nellie Bly – and details of a book about the intrepid journalist’s travels, which is available to order.

Tickets are available at: www.atgtickets.com/aylesbury (bkg fee) or call 0844 871 7615 (Fees apply).