Taste Challenge Hits the Spot in Hemel Hempstead

Living Magazines Pepsi Taste Challenge at Breakspear Park

Staff at Breakspear Park have had their palates tantalised and tickled this week, as the team at Britvic challenged the building’s employees to take the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge.

The Pepsi Challenge has run for more than 40 years, and is a blind taste test between Pepsi and the UK’s largest-selling cola to establish which is the best.

Of the 200 people who took part, more than two thirds (67%) cited Pepsi Max as their preferred fizzy drink of the two.

Dina Mistry, Marketing Manager at Breakspear Park, said: ‘The sip test has been a popular and fun marketing campaign that has run for decades so we were delighted when the Britvic team decided to host one here at their home. The results across America affirmed that Pepsi was the favourite of the two beverages, and so it’s interesting to see our results reflecting that was too.

‘Employee engagement and happiness is paramount to us, so we frequently host free health and well-being events for our staff to get involved with. Hopefully the taste test was a refreshing part of their week.’

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