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The Alternative Cup Co. is a Berkhamsted School Young Enterprise business – a school business project where a student can manage and run a business. The company is aiming to reduce plastic waste, which causes damage to the environment, by changing habits of using disposable cups by selling high quality ceramic coffee cups which can be personalised.

Recently, Berkhamsted sixth form introduced a cafe, in which students have access to a range of hot drinks. Yet this new service came at a price, over 400 cups are wasted each an every week. Upon hearing this, it became clear to some of the students that as a group they should try to make a change – and so the Alternative Cup Co. was born.

Their motto is ‘saving the world one reusable cup at a time’, showing how ten friends have been inspired to come together and work on introducing reusable coffee cups to the market dominated by industrial coffee chains whilst providing a unique product that is perfect for businesses and consumers all over the world. They all signed up to young enterprise in order to further their insight on the working world and generate revenue whilst ensuring their product was environmentally friendly and would benefit the world in a positive way.

Since launch, the company has accumulated three awards at the Hemel Hempstead market: Best Social Media, Best Customer Service and Best Innovation. These prizes mean a great deal to the team, their hard work and dedication to the cause has paid off.

They want the company to continue to grow and thrive, so if you are interested do not hesitate to get into contact with them: on Instagram @thealternativecupco or email Their next market day is Sunday 3rd February at INTU Watford – they hope to see you there.