The Arts Society Tring Park – How Do They Do That?

Arts Society Tring Park Lectures

It’s no easy task – in fact production of the annual lecture programme by the Tring Park branch of the Arts Society requires something close to military precision to bring its members a wide variety of high-quality speakers and subjects for its programme of 10 talks a year.

An intense day held in London in March to choose speakers kicks off when lecturers from the Society’s directory of 380 accredited experts have the daunting task of presenting themselves and their topic by speaking for just two minutes before their microphone is switched off!

Local Arts Society representatives have the equally formidable challenge of quickly evaluating speakers for suitability. The day consists of three blocks of 50 speakers with a short break in between for individual interviews.

Choosing a few themes to start with, they might look for a seasonal lecture for the last meeting of the year (‘The Three Kings’ in November) or identify art topics not covered before (‘Mexican Art & Culture’ in April). And they try to have at least one lecture with a different or unusual theme (‘Monopoly’ in March). They also take recommendations from other societies and from members.

And after that rigorous selection process, and an exhilarating Directory Day, there’s certainly no shortage of excellent lectures for members to enjoy.

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