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The Isolated Cellist is a collection of new music for solo and looped cello gathered, arranged and curated by cellist Clare O’Connell.

Determined to do something worthwhile with the sudden expanse of time during the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdown in the summer of 2020, ’cellist Clare O’Connell gave a series of concerts on her front doorstep, making new arrangements of music she loved relating to themes surrounding the pandemic, which she then recorded in her living room.

The result is something of a spiritual journey, with the sounds of renaissance France and Italy interspersed with Scottish and Irish folk and at the heart the profound ‘Hymn To Nikkal’, written especially for Clare by Alex Mills.

Clare will be playing a world premiere by Alex in Berkhamsted in July. She is also planning three Behind the Mirror concerts which will take place on May 19, June 16 and July 14 – more info on those as we get it.

The Isolated Cellist is released at the beginning of April, or you can listen now on Soundcloud.