Thrive Homes Launches Groundbreaking Digital Platform

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Thrive Homes is proud to announce the launch of a state-of-the-art digital platform to transform how customers access vital safety and maintenance information for their building and enable them to have more of a say.

In recent years, the housing industry has been more mindful about providing transparency on how serviced homes are inspected, maintained and repaired. Thrive Homes is revolutionising its digital offer by introducing a brand-new bespoke service significantly improving visibility of maintenance services and enhancing customer engagement with building safety.

The new platform will allow Thrive customers to view accurate information about the safety of their building, including the latest fire risk assessment findings and actions, as well as grounds maintenance and cleaning schedules. It also gives customers the option to provide feedback on individual cleaning and grounds maintenance visits to help Thrive identify specific areas for improvement.

The digital solution also provides updates and legislation on building construction and cladding. This is part of Thrive’s ambition to promote transparency, with Thrive pushing for the highest maintenance standards to build trust and reassurance with their customers.

Thrive Homes has already conducted an early access trial with hundreds of customers who have actively complimented the improved access to information on their properties and options to engage.

The tool has been rated four out of five stars to date with one resident complimenting the ability to provide bespoke feedback, saying: ‘It’s good to have this information on hand and know when services are expected.’

Jo Barrett, Executive Director of Operations, Thrive Homes said: ‘At Thrive Homes, we are committed to building customer engagement into every element of our work which is why we are proud to have significantly invested in industry leading technology to provide essential information to our customers.

‘We understand how important building safety is for our customers and how vital it is they get reassurance about safety procedures in a simple and accessible format whilst providing access to the latest cleaning and grounds maintenance schedules. At Thrive, we always want to push the industry to be better, so it was important to us that we utilise the full potential of digital technology to help provide a better customer experience.’

This was achieved in partnership with Prodo, a specialist digital transformation agency providing consultancy and innovative solutions for Social Housing providers, who Thrive commissioned to implement this digital platform. Their expertise ensured the development of the seamless and user-friendly interface.

Jenny Bradshaw, Head of Client Services, Prodo said: ‘We are thrilled to have partnered with Thrive Homes on this ground-breaking digital solution. Our team at Prodo has worked diligently on this project to realise Thrive’s ambitions and we are proud to be part of Thrive’s commitment, promoting transparency and setting higher standards in the industry.’

Thrive’s digital platform launched on Friday 9 June 2023 and is now available to all customers living in flat blocks at