Tring author Presents Concluding Part of Fantasy Romance Trilogy

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Ghostly Light

Love knows no barriers: Tring author Brenda Hurley presents the concluding part to her fantasy romance trilogy.

Continuing on from Ghostly Return, we find Louis’ journey might have been laid to rest had Doris not bought his magnificent carved bed, with its secret. Now reality and the netherworld exist side by side in the Eden room at the Royal Oak.

We are introduced to Debs, an old colleague, who visits North Yorkshire and falls in love with its people and the countryside. And when she joins the ‘family’, she is met with strange coincidences that bring jeopardy, romance, angels and demons to the inn.

Can Louis protect those he loves and resolve the threat between the spirit world and reality? Ghostly Light is the concluding story, Louis’ final journey into light.

Brenda Hurley is a landscape artist, and in her late sixties, was inspired to write after seeing the work of a master carver. She now paints with words to tell her stories. Ghostly Embrace, published in 2019, was the first to be conceived following Louis, a gentle ghost on his journey followed, by Ghostly Return, published in 2021. Ghostly Light is the final story in the series.

Brenda Hurley Ghostly LightBrenda explains: ‘This all started when I visited the National Trust house of Kingston Lacy and saw some wonderful carved shutters at the long windows, a carved panel of wild life and a carved bed. I stood looking at the remarkable work and wondered who had had such a wonderful talent. I thought of a man now long dead, leaving this treasure behind him and wondered what life he might have had. Louis was born. I liked the thought that the barrier between the mortal and spiritual world is thin enough in parts for both worlds to connect, and love knows no such barriers. I’ve so enjoyed this journey, but this is the final story for Louis – will he find his happy ending?’

Release date 28 October 2023.