Tring Entrepreneur and Retired IFA Now Manufactures Healthy Dog Food

Tring Dogs Dinner Delight Wholefood Dog Food

Retired Tring Independent Financial Adviser, Malcolm Baxter, now manufactures Wholefood Dog Food. Having been Director and founder of Baxter & Lindley Financial Services in the High Street for more than 30 years, he has now started to sell his own brand of dog food, called Dogs Dinner Delight.

Malcolm became concerned over the low quality of commercially available food, for his dog, Willow. Every brand he considered was full of, as he says: ‘indescribable contents’ with many additives and supplements. He was looking for a wholefood and unprocessed alternative but could not find one. At one time Willow was showing signs of stomach distress, so Malcolm made the food for her. Immediately, Willow was back to normal, and since then has always been an enthusiastic eater of Dogs Dinner Delight.

‘Willow’s House is the business name, and this product is called Dogs Dinner Delight,’ says Malcolm. ‘We are producing this in our home premises in Tring at present. Demand is steadily increasing, as people get to know this luxury prime food, which every dog loves.

‘It is a balanced menu of beef mince (35%) chicken breast and thighs (40%) and 7 different vegetables (25%), all slow cooked for 6 hours. We contain it in reusable plastic tubs and freeze until required. We deliver free locally.

‘We started to sell the product mid December 2023. As the dogs enjoy it so much, and some of their stomach problems seem to disappear, word gets around. We look for an increase in customers, to make it a viable business, which will benefit many dogs; keep them well, save vet fees and give owners peace of mind.’

Malcolm’s website is more informative about the dog food industry, and he has shared this weblink to The Guardian for specialist vets’ endorsement for the Wholefood approach.