Tring Farmers Market Attendance Rises

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Our thanks to Angela Delglyn for this update on what’s going on at Tring Farmers Market

An interesting side effect of these strange and uncertain times has been an upsurge in attendance at Tring Farmers Market, both by new stallholders and the public. In fact, it’s been heart warming to feel a return to the more old-fashioned values that Tring has always been known for – its community.

The Apple Fayre in October was especially so and much enjoyed by all who attended.

Whilst we face yet more uncertainty going forward, the Market Directors and stallholders are standing together in a more cohesive way that aims to support the sustainability of the locality. As Dacorum BC plan significant changes for the area, it is important that existing needs and uses of local community ventures are not ignored and over-ridden.  In that context, if we were all to support the Farmers Market (every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month) going forward, we will pay into the rich variety that Tring, as a market town, has to offer.

Indeed, there is much variety to be found at a Farmers’ market, and in these times of limitation, it’s a relief to be able to find a rich seam of variety to enliven the experience of eating in. From locally reared meats, charcuterie, and vegan delights, to artisan English cheeses, Pho (Vietnamese soup), home-made cakes, puddings and preserves, and of course breads, fruit and vegetables.

Whilst we’ve become used to having access to what we want, when we want it, reverting to slightly longer-term planning for food usage can be good for your purse. It’s a treat to shop at your local Farmers’ Market and yet, it can be an economical experience when you use your produce wisely. Consider making a challenge with yourself: decide what to spend in one market visit, then see how long you can make your produce last until the next market. You may be pleasantly surprised.

At the next two markets on 28 November and 5 December, the stall holders will be handing free raffle tickets to customers in preparation for a FREE Christmas Hamper that will be presented to the lucky winner at our final market of the year on the 19 December 2020.

Our non-food regulars, Macozi Crafts, Notion Jewellery, So Natural and Tring Things will be back, all being well, on 5 December 5, so come along the see what tickles your fancy, and you might be that lucky winner.