Tring Yoga Studio Reopening Plans

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Our thanks to Pauline Gibbons at Tring Yoga Studio for the following update. You may remember that classes have been running online during lockdown but Pauline hopes to reopen the studio in line with government guidelines on 4 July. Here’s what she told us:

Over these last few months we have all been on a roller coaster of a ride. We travel upwards and feel like we have everything under control and then we scream downwards and have one of those days when we struggle to even get out of bed. Times have been hard for everyone and on those bad days rest assured that everyone is going through the same highs and lows but with a good community around us, by sticking together and following guidelines we will pull through. Here at Tring Yoga Studio we have been trying to provide a little bit of normality and respite from the roller coaster by taking our yoga classes online into our members houses and gardens so that they can slow down or even stop and take stock, breathe, recharge their batteries and then face these challenging times with the knowledge that they are not alone. Although online classes are never as good as actually being at our tranquil studio, online classes, free workshops and meditation sessions have kept our yoga community together and have proved to be an anchor for many in these uncertain times.

We have even seen people trying classes and workshops that they have not tried before because they were either unsure or just couldn’t get to the studio at certain times due to work or childcare etc. The online offering has been extremely well attended and our members have supported the studio and enabled us to keep our teachers working and therefore paid. I am eternally grateful for their support.

Our plan is to open our doors as soon as we are allowed and as more information becomes available regarding the guidelines we need to follow, decisions will be based on government advice and also on advice from other studios and bodies who have opened before us. But rest assured, the safety and wellbeing of our members and teachers are our priority and we will be implementing strict distancing, a one way system and cleanliness measures.

Moving forward we will be offering a mixture of in studio classes and, as capacity will be limited, we will continue to livestream most of the classes and workshops. We want our members to access the best yoga experience they can through whichever medium works best for them.

We are currently undergoing a deep clean of the studio, removing all mats, blocks, bolsters etc. and will be asking participants to bring their own when we open. The aerial hammocks are all being cleaned and we are working on a scheme so that our regular aerial yogis can come back to classes knowing that strict cleanliness and safety measures are in place.

It has been a joy to welcome new people to our online classes which are available to everyone. If you have ever wanted to try a class then now might just be the time to have a go in the comfort of your own home.