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Claire Patterson of ArtbyClaire Creative Photography brings us news of her live Virtual Wedding Fair via Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories on Sunday 17 May 10am-12noon.

This is my first ever Virtual Wedding Fair (inspired by lockdown!) and am sure maybe yours too. I would love you to come. This is a Virtual Wedding Fair via Instagram Stories, specifically aimed at brides and grooms looking to get married in the Herts, Beds and Bucks area who are unable to attend wedding fairs or visit suppliers so easily because of Covid-19. Our Stories also sync to our Facebook Stories so we will hit double the audience at the time of the event.

By attending the Virtual Wedding Fair via Instagram Stories you keep your brand relevant in people’s minds during Covid-19 so they won’t forget you.

Kelloggs ( the cereal brand) invested heavily in advertising during the great depression and guess what – its rival brand Post didn’t – well have you ever heard of them?  Kelloggs is now the industry’s dominant player.

We know lots of future newly engaged are still planning their big day for 2021/2022 and would LOVE to see suppliers and venues and make contact. I am so excited about doing this and hope it helps everyone feel like a small return to normal life and perhaps a fun way of generating a wider audience and even some future work at the same time!

The event is a pre-paid Live event for preferred suppliers covering the Herts, Beds and Bucks region. So only those who have pre-paid and given me their Instagram name can submit a Story.

Read how to join in below and I look forward to seeing you ‘virtually’ there!

A little bit about me

I am a Wedding Photographer and a preferred supplier for many of Hertfordshire’s top venues; if you want to follow me on Instagram or FB @artbyclairephotography.

It is the first time my world (and everyone else’s) has just stood still with no wedding fairs or weddings to attend.

Firstly I set up to help small businesses during Covid-19 and then thought wouldn’t it be fab to have a Virtual Wedding Fair via Instagram stories for all the suppliers I know. It’s a great way for us all to have some fun, extend our wider audience and attract future brides and grooms who are currently planning their 2021/2022 wedding.

Claire x

Wedding Industry

Preferred suppliers, services and venues in the Herts, Beds and Bucks area can apply or anyone who can cover this region.

At the moment there will be no limit to types of services simply because it is brand new.

You can only join if you have pre-paid for the event.

The Event

It costs £10 paid in advance to join in.

Free to Wedding Venues.

Only pre-paid participants can join.

You must have an Instagram account to create your Story.

Currently it is ONE Story per business.

However as this is the first time this may be subject to an increase in number depending on participants etc so you would be updated nearer the time.

Payment Details


Go to paypal My email: and click the option ‘PERSONAL’ – this used to be known as  ‘I’m sending money to family or friends’. This is very clearly marked as the second option. This is because I am not selling you a commodity which needs to be insured in this particular manner.

OR Bacs Transfer

Miss Claire N Patterson NatWest Bank, 199 High Street, Berkhamsted HP4 1BH

Account no. 06683452  Sort code: 60-02-21


I will send you a receipt for this event

FYI: It is non-transferable to any other event should you not attend or for any reason be unable to post your Story.

Instagram Name

You must supply me with your Instagram name in advance so I know who is attending.

Advertising the event

I will advertise it via the usual social media portals & FB groups but the more exposure the better so if you can circulate our flyer which you will find either on my FB page @artbyclairephotogaphy or on Instagram @artbyclairephotography.


If anyone needs a hand getting up and running with Instagram and Stories etc then I do offer 1:1 mentoring for technophobes (£30) so do let me know.

Instagram Story

You may want to make your Story a gift voucher, or an offer or a future token off your product – whatever sells your services best. Remember your story can remind clients of your services even if you are not currently working. Or offer exclusive vouchers to use post Covid-19

At the moment it is just one Story so make it punchy!

How to do it


  1. Firstly let me know you can attend.
  2. Then make payment and send me your Instagram name.
  3. I will then follow you please do the same back @artbyclairephotography
  4. FYI: I cannot accept or upload your Story without knowing your Instagram name.

How to make your Story for the event:

  1. Familiarise yourself with creating a ‘Story’ via Instagram Stories
  2. This is in the top left of your Instagram account.
  3. You can either make a Story by clicking the + button
  4. You have access to more features if you do it this way
  5. You can add all sorts of graphics and interactive gifs
  6. You will also see the option to add the @artbyclairephotography (you will need to manually type this in)
  7. Do not make a video or more than ONE post
  8. There is another way of doing a Story too. Make a normal Instagram post and then add it to your Story (see the airplane button) and then add your fun stuff and practical information but don’t forget to tag me @artbyclairephotography
  9. Only make ONE story during the two hours
  10. Make sure you add my account @artbyclairephotography otherwise I won’t be able to find it. This is SUPER important.  You must tag my name or I won’t be notified.
  11. Make your promotional flyer easy to read and add any details you like – price/location/service etc
  12. You are responsible for your own flyer and the content and any sales/contacts you make post the event.

When to make your Story

  1. As soon as the Virtual Wedding Fair opens at 10am-12pm, create a ‘story’ for the event but only post it during the actual duration of the event
  2. I can’t upload it beforehand

During the Virtual Wedding Fair

  1.  During the two hours of the live ‘Virtual Wedding Fair I will be looking out for all the ‘Stories’ which have tagged me. ( this is done by creating @artbyclairephotography)
  2. The minute you have tagged me then I will find your ‘Story’
  3. Your ‘Story’ will be added to my Stories along with all the others giving our clients the opportunity to follow you directly on Instagram and contact you directly for the product/service you are offering
  4. Once you have posted your Story between 10am-12pm, sit down and wait for your Story to appear in my Stories
  5. I can only post up to 100 stories per hour but you may need to check back on the market several times during the event

How it works for newly engaged couples wishing to attend

  1. The future brides and grooms come to my Instagram account and click on Stories at the date and time of the event
  2. They tap the Stories @artbyclairephotography to go through the participants and then go to their account go get further details
  3. Your instagram name will automatically appear on your ‘Story’ if someone taps it
  4. A quick way of scanning through the stories is to tap the screen twice to get you to the next Story

Post the Event

  1. After the event all the participants who have taken part will be visible in my Stories section for 24 hours
  2. What’s great is that after the event I will store everyone’s details in the Event’s date in the ‘highlight’ section called Virtual Wedding Fair (and the date of the event) so clients will be able to find your details and post whenever they like
  3. All Stories posted via Instagram also sync to our Facebook page @artbyclairephotography at the same time

My Contacts:


FB & Instagram @artbyclairephotography ( this is also the TAG for your Story)