Waddesdon’s Fantastic Beasts

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As Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is released, Waddesdon Manor is doing its own research into the provenance of many of Waddesdon’s ‘beasts’…

Waddesdon Manor is a Renaissance-style château, renowned for its French 18th-century collections. It is home to an incredible art collection brought together by the Rothschild family who built it. But among the books, drawings, paintings, clocks, architectural elements, sculpture and costume accessories are a selection of quite bizarre, fantastical and mythical ‘beasts’ which haven’t received much attention, until now.

While research is still ongoing about the provenance of many of Waddesdon’s ‘beasts’, some histories are better known, and together with the help of curator Dr Mia Jackson Waddesdon have put together a selection of images and fascinating information about some of these creatures.

Download the PDF to find out more.