What have Mount Everest, Bear Grylls and Hemel Hempstead got in common?

Living Magazines Neil Laughton

Employees at Breakspear Park in Hemel Hempstead were inspired recently by an early morning talk from former Royal Marine Commando and Special Forces officer Neil Laughton.

Neil shared his exhilarating life experiences which have included climbing Mount Everest with Bear Grylls and hosting a black tie event for his climbing team as they managed the feat in the worst stormy weather ever recorded. Neil also told how he built a brand with a £40m turnover that was later sold to a FTSE 100 company.

Neil discussed how to harness leadership, create positive team work, and motivate anyone to achieve their dreams.

Dina Mistry, Marketing Manager of Breakspear Park, said: ‘We invited Neil in to talk about his fascinating life to motivate and demonstrate what is possible if you turn your mind to it. Hosting such a prolific keynote speaker is just one part of our Park Life campaign which focuses on achieving a better work life balance for all the workforce.’

Jo Goodrum, from BAM Construct UK, added: ‘The motivational speech delivered by Neil was so very well received. He is an exceptional person with a very impressive way of captivating an audience. It was marvellous to kick-start the day in a positive way.’

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