World Book Day with Schools

Living Magazines World Book Day

Our Bookshop in Tring have got some wonderful virtual events for schools on Thursday 3 March:

9am – Kieran Larwood – Carnival of the Lost (for Key Stage 2)10am – Polly Faber – The Book Cat (for Key Stage 1)11am – Derek Landy – Skulduggery Pleasant (for Key Stage 2)For more information, click here.

Schools are welcome to take advantage of any of these wonderful events including Kieran Larwood, Polly Faber and Derek Landy.

Furthermore, school children are welcome to receive a free £1 book using their WBD voucher and Our Bookshop are stocking the full selection of World Book Day books and are welcoming all school children to come and use their £1 vouchers with them.

All independent bookshops across the country co-fund the World Book Day initiative. Our Bookshop buy the books from the charity and then give the books away for free in return for the vouchers. They receive nothing for the vouchers but benefit long-term from the children’s increased passion for reading.

Our Bookshop told us: ‘Unfortunately, Amazon, through a legal loophole, have been allowed to stock the books and they sell them for £1 each making an enormous profit out of this charitable initiative. All indie bookshops think that this is disgusting and grossly unfair and would urge everyone to not get their World Book Day books (or any books to be honest!!) from Amazon.’