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Round the clock, you can now enjoy Living Magazines' unique contribution to life in Berkhamsted, Tring and the surrounding villages.

Use this website to find out what's going on, to take advantage of exclusive web-based offers from local businesses or to contact us at any time by clicking here.

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Every quarter we publish:

  • Berkhamsted Living For Berkhamsted & the surrounding villages
  • Tring Living Covering Tring & the surrounding villages

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Our aim has always been to help residents make the most of the towns they live in, and to show them they don't need to go far to find great entertainment, shopping and services. We've built our reputation – and helped our clients build their businesses – by focussing on the towns we serve.

Berkhamsted Living was founded in 2001 and the impact was immediate: Berkhamsted Living won the Lloyds TSB/Berkhamsted & District Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award in 2002 for its services in promoting Berkhamsted. Tring Living opened in 2007 and prompted an invitation to a Royal Garden Party for the work it does in promoting Tring.

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