Cats in Need of Homes

Living Magazines Cats Protection Angus

These beautiful cats are currently with Cats Protection Hemel Hempstead & Berkhamsted Branch – can you offer one of them a forever home?


Living Magazines Cats Protection AngusThis lovely lad is Angus (also pictured top), tabby and white, he is approx. 6years of age. He is a lovely, calm boy and loves to be in people company. He is a bit shy on first meeting but once he gets to know you he will look forward to curling up beside you on the sofa and keeping you company and, of course, receiving all the love/cuddles that you wish to give him! He would also love someone who can give the time for a good play with his toys.

We feel he would be happier in an older family environment as the only pet. He would like access to a garden once he has completed his settling in period. If you think Angus is the lad for you give CP Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted a ring today!

Two other lovely boys we featured previously in our news have been with Cats Protection a little while now and they’re really keen to find them loving families as soon as possible. Can you offer a forever home to Beech or Bandit?


Living Magazines Cats Protection Beech

Beech is approx. 5yrs of age, long haired. He is shy on meeting new people but we feel; in a quieter older family environment where someone if happy to give him all the love/cuddles/attention he is after, he will gain his confidence and be the lovely boy we know he is. We feel he may like to share his home with one other cat-friendly cat but also quite happy to get all your attention! He would love access to a secure garden but this would be after an extended settling in period.If you can give Beech all the love he needs call today!


Living Magazines Cats Protection BanditThis lovely boy, black and white, is Bandit. He is approx. 10 years of age. He has had a bit of a time of it previously before coming into CP but is now the relaxed chilled out lad we know and love. He loves people company and quite happy to get loads of cuddles and loves playing with his rod toys (take a look at his video on our Facebook page).

He is a bit shy on first meeting and will suss out the situation before coming forward and meeting you. Once he feels a bit more confident he will come out and be quite happy to keep you company and be around you. He is great company and a lovely boy to be around and a friend for life.

We feel that he would be best suited to an older family environment where someone has the time to give him and be around for him. We feel he would like to maybe share his home with one other cat-friendly cat as he does also seem to like feline company as well as human. But if someone is around a lot of the time then he would be happy to receive all the playing and love himself. He would love a garden to explore in a quite location after his settling in period. If you think Bandit is the companion you have been looking, call today!


Living Magazines Cats Protection ChesterThis beautiful boy is Chester, he is 3 years old this August. He is a British Cream shorthaired cross. He is reluctantly having to be rehomed due to changes in his family circumstances. He is a very sweet and loving boy, full of character. He loves to be in people company and to be around people getting all the cuddles and love you are happy to give; which he will return tenfold. Always ready for a good game!

Living Magazines Cats Protection ChesterHis coat does get quite dense in the winter so grooming would be a must, when he is in the mood! He would be happier in an older family, quieter environment as the only pet. He does tend to get stressed in busy situations so a calmer atmosphere is a must. He loves to curl up in a quiet place for a good snooze in the day and especially when sunny in the garden.

Living Magazines Cats Protection Chester

He loves having access and being in the garden so a garden in a quieter location would suit him best; not near any major/busy roads. He is under our home-to-home scheme and is chipped and neutered, his flea/worm treatment and vaccinations are up to date. If you feel that Chester is the boy for you, call today!


Living Magazines Cats Protection RosieThis little lady is Rosie, all black, she is now looking for her forever home. She is approx. 2 years old, full of life and love. She’s a very gentle and friendly cat. She loves being with people and in people company. She loves best, at the end of the day, curling up on a nice soft lap to sit and watch the TV. She is a very content little girl and always ready for cuddles and a good play with anyone that has the time for her.

Living Magazines Cats Protection Rosie

She would be happier in a family environment, older children, with someone who is around for her and can give her the time she is after. We feel that she would like to have a forever home as the only pet. She would love a garden to explore once she has had her settling in period.

The contact number you need for all these lovely cats is 0345 371 1851.