How can Hertfordshire Businesses Reach Local Leads?

Living Magazines Leaflet drops

Customers actively seek out companies who take action to reduce their environmental impact, provide personalised service and support their community. Finding local buyers and suppliers is an effective way to meet all of those expectations.

So, you need to let local residents and businesses know what you offer, but you are still building up your database in line with GDPR. How can you reach the local target market without permission to use their personal data?

Local leaflet drops are a great way to share your message in a designated geographical area. With every premises in a specific postcode receiving your information, you can reach thousands of readers without compromising GDPR compliance.

‘Inserts are good for activation, while advertising in newspapers and magazines is better for brand building’ – Chartered Institute of Marketing, Feb 19

To make things even more straightforward, Living Magazine offers you the chance to enclose your flyer or leaflet in the packaging of our quarterly magazine. Delivered through over 21,000 letterboxes in Tring and Berkhamsted, our local interest publication is read by an estimated 65,000 local residents.

These readers may pass your office or shop every day, but until you tell them what you offer, you are not on their radar. It is time to change that; discover the opportunities on your doorstep.

How do Leaflet Drops Fit into your Wider Marketing Strategy?

If you want to attract local business, leaflet drops can be an effective element in your wider marketing strategy. You might also consider attending some of Hertfordshire’s business networking groups, sponsoring a community event or resource or participating in a county exhibition. The aim is to build a variety of interactions between potential customers and your brand.

Known as touchpoints, these interactions increase brand awareness and build trust. The reader may not want what you offer now, but when they do (or when someone else asks for a recommendation), your company is at the forefront of their mind.

The fact that 76% of our advertisers are repeat customers is positive feedback. It proves that our publication helps them to generate a return on page advertising, sponsorship and leaflet circulation.

Living Magazines is owned and managed by Alison Page, FCIM Chartered Marketer. She has run her successful local marketing company for over a decade. Many local companies turn to her for advice on how to build relationships that attract leads and convert into customers. She can help you to decide whether leaflet drops and other local marketing opportunities will enable you to reach your target clients.

Who are the Target Clients in Tring and Berkhamsted?

Tring and Berkhamsted are both affluent Hertfordshire towns, with a strong sense of community. A variety of local events and independent shops draw residents together, as well as attracting visitors from neighbouring towns and villages. Deliver great service to these customers and you stand a strong chance that recommendations will be made.

Every quarter, Living Magazines provides information on community events, local news, reviews and competitions. Its relevance to local residents means that it is well-read.

‘A rare gem of a local magazine that is worth reading. Great balance of interesting articles and useful local information. There’s always something that catches my eye to buy in the shopping section, or a café or restaurant that I have to try after reading a review. Long may it continue to pop through my letterbox.’ – Abi

Research has identified that 65% of our readers are female, 47% are over 45 years old and the majority are homeowners with disposable income. Does that match your ideal customer profile? Plus, 85% believe it’s worth paying more money for quality goods.

Six Steps to a Leaflet that Encourages Engagement

Below we highlight the best steps to take to ensure a leaflet which will encourage engagement:

  1. Any marketing message has to attract and retain readers’ interest. For this reason, it can be effective to focus on a single product, service or event, rather than generic information.
  2. Pictures can speak louder than words, so select a strong, high-definition image or bold graphics that will resonate with your target audience. Keep written information concise. Focus on the positive outcomes of your offer and include a customer review.
  3. Consider including a time-limited offer on the flyer, such as a 10% discount, a free gift or a donation to a local charity for every purchase made.
  4. Make sure that you include clear and accurate contact information. This could be your physical address (maybe with a map), your phone number or website address; it all depends on what action you would like readers to take. Be clear with the steps you would like them to follow next.
  5. Remember that there are two sides to a flyer. It may cost marginally more to print both sides, but a blank page is a wasted opportunity. You want to capture interest no matter which way up the leaflet faces when the magazine is opened.
  6. Check, double-check and ask someone else to check the flyer before it is sent to print. An incorrect phone digit or a glaring spelling error could ruin the outcome of the leaflet drop.

Find out More about Leaflet Drops in Hertfordshire

Living Magazine is delivered by Royal Mail. This trusted service guarantees that the magazine and your flyers will reach their intended destination of over 21,000 letterboxes. With charges starting at less than £48 for 1000 leaflets, it is a cost-effective way to share your message across Tring, Berkhamsted and the surrounding villages.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us on 01442 824300 or We will be happy to send you a media pack in the post and answer any questions that you may have. Or you can download a copy of the PDF.