Local Couple Try Their Luck in the Den

Living Magazines UK Sniffer Dogs in Dragons Den

A local husband and wife team are taking their k9 scent detection courses for pet dog owners and dog trainers to the Dragons’ Den.

Jamie Pound and his wife Gemma set up UK Sniffer Dogs in order to make scent detection available to every dog and their owner. They run Jamie Pound Dog Training in Chorleywood and Berkhamsted, and have a team of instructors scattered around the UK running UK Sniffer Dogs classes and trials within their dog training schools.

Due to the pandemic, they have taken their business online which means that both dog owners and dog trainers from across the world can now become part of the UK Sniffer Dogs team. With an estimated 100 million dogs being owned in English speaking countries, that’s a lot of dogs that could be enjoying what they do best…. sniffing.

Jamie and Gemma are looking for investment from the Dragons’ to help take their business to the next level. Do the Dragons’ feel this is an investment not to be sniffed at?!

Tune in on Thursday 20 May at 8pm on BBC to find out how they got on.