Pick up Your Card Protector Now

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After a long time in the planning, the Tring Neighbourhood Watch card protector is finally available to buy!

‘Most credit and debit cards have a built-in contactless payment technology called RFID, where physical contact with your card is not required to take a payment and can be scanned from a few centimetres away by anyone,’ says Emma Cowell from Tring Neighbourhood Watch. ‘This means fraudsters can scan it while it’s still in your wallet or purse!’

The OWL card minder can help reduce the risk of unauthorised payments being taken from your contactless credit or debit card, by forming a protective barrier.

Buy your card protector now at Metcalfe’s for just £1. All profits from the sales go directly to the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. The project was launched with generous funding from Tring Town Council.

Tring Neighbourhood Watch work together with you, the police and other local organisations to fight crime and the fear of crime. They’re always looking for new supporters and members. Email them at tringnhw@yahoo.co.uk, or sign up at www.owl.co.uk to receive alerts about crime and local issues.