Ravens Lane Bridge Opening

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Yes there was life before Coronavirus as demonstrated by these Berkhamsted residents recently!

Last month we brought you news of the refurbishment of the Ravens Lane bridge over the Grand Union Canal. The bridge was reopened on 12 March and the joint partnership responsible have given us the following update:

‘Greatness is not measured by the walls we build but by the bridges.’ – Ravens Lane Bridge

‘Refurbishment has been a labour of love by all concerned and goodness it has been worth it.’

Nearly twenty years ago some of you may remember The Canal and Riverside Partnership erected the Port of Berkhamsted sign on the bridge. The Bridge has always been a boring grey basic bridge. This has all changed!!

Whilst most of the work done has been ‘vital safety improvement’. The opportunity of creating an exciting partnership between Hertfordshire County Council, their contractors OSBORNE, Berkhamsted Citizens Association and the canal artist Phil Speight has resulted in the exciting addition to our townscape and canal environment you see now.

The original Port of Berkhamsted signs have been renovated, the bridge repainted in vibrant canal colours and eight individual commemorative canal plaques painted. None of this would have been possible without the hard work of all the committed partners. THANK YOU. It has been the result of nearly six years’ effort to get this in place and now we start on the rest of the canal bridges in the town.