The Three Musketeers Came to Tring

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Artfully designed and cleverly executed, yesterday’s performance of The Three Musketeers was a total joy despite the downpour!

Naomi, her son Arron and I, braved the weather on Wednesday afternoon with some other hardy [mad] souls to see an outdoor performance of The Three Musketeers at St Bartholomew’s Church, Wigginton near Tring. You might remember our previous article about it.

The production, by This is My Theatre, was extremely clever, with just three men playing countless parts including (but not limited to) D’Artagnan, Athos, Aramis, Milady de Winter, Cardinal Richelieu, Rochefort, Monsieur de Treville and King Louis XIII. Porthos was a dress-makers dummy complete with wig, who still managed to participate in duels and ride to and from England to secure the Queen’s broach to avoid her being discredited in the eyes of the King!

Simon Stallard, Hippolyte Poirier and Ethan Taylor really bring this play to life with singing in French and English throughout.

Highly entertaining and a must-see for lovers of small theatre, outdoor performances and The Three Musketeers alike. Further dates include:

  • 20 August, Upper Beeding, West Sussex
  • 21 August, Stanton, Suffolk
  • 22 August, Brington, Cambridge
  • 23 August, Upper Beeding, West Sussex
  • August, Upper Slaughter, Cheltenham
  • 26 August, Crawley, West Sussex
  • 27 August Weymouth, Dorset
  • 28 August, Colchester, Essex
  • 29 August, Ellough, Suffolk
  • 30 August, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex
  • 31 August, Faversham, Kent
  • 3 September, Akenham, Suffolk
  • 4 September, Salisbury, Wiltshire
  • 6 September, Brighton, East Sussex

You can find out more on their website at:

Congratulations guys, despite the awful weather, you managed to keep the audience enthralled and entertained!