Tring’s Running Bingo Challenge

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Running and bingo are hobbies that aren’t usually associated together. But the Running Bingo challenge has been keeping local Tring runners connected while they’re not able to physically run together.

When the lockdown struck, members of the Tring Running Club knew they wanted to stick together as a community. In the BC (Before Corona) era, scores of local runners met every Wednesday evening to run Tring’s trails and roads together.

When the Wednesday evening runs paused, runners were quick to come up with new ideas for virtually running together. The Running Bingo challenge is one of the most popular virtual running games.

It’s simple to play. All you need to do is pick a challenge from the Running Bingo score sheet and head out for a run. Whether you choose to run to a trig point, run in fancy dress, or run in the rain, you’re bound to have fun. Runners are sharing their Bingo successes on the Tring Running Club Facebook page and the Tring Running Club Strava group.

Rachel Wray, Tring Running Club’s Women’s Captain (pictured), and the person behind the idea of Running Bingo says, ‘For many people, running and exercise are more important in lockdown than ever before. The physical benefits, the lift of mood, the fresh air help us face some of the coronavirus challenges.

‘And being part of a community, encouraging others and keeping in touch with friends is vital in today’s world. That’s why Tring Running Club is encouraging all runners and walkers, not just club members, to take part in the Running Bingo Challenge.’

Here are Rachel’s top tips for running during lockdown:

  1. Set yourself a challenge for your run. Run to a trig point, run in fancy dress, run in the rain…see the Running Bingo Challenge for more ideas!
  2. Share your run with others. It’s great to see what others are doing and to have people encourage and celebrate your runs with you.
  3. Vary your running. Don’t do the same route every day – try a shorter speedier run one day, a longer slower run the next, followed by a walk the day after. This is better for your physical fitness, makes your exercise routine more interesting, and is easier to stay motivated.

Tring Running Club are looking forward to running together again. When the lockdown restrictions lift, they welcome runners of all abilities to run with them on Wednesday evenings from Tring Cricket Club.